5 exhibition top tips from Bett 2018

Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Debra Ringer
Debra Ringer

Bett is one of the first tech events to kickstart the 2018 event calendar and with over 600 exhibitors all under one roof, here’s my key take homes from wandering the exhibition hall…

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1. Bright lights, big exhibition

Walking through a busy Excel, the eye is naturally drawn to the bright lights of a stand. I found myself drawn to stands that were illuminated by lightboxes, overhead lighting or screens – they stood out in the crowds and added interest to the busy floor. Lightboxes are a cost effective way to highlight a strong image whilst video screens and walls add movement and depth to your stand – taking your messaging and brand beyond the limitations of your static graphics.  

I particularly liked these examples from tes, RM Education and Promethean:

2. Give yourself a voice

Live chats and presentations proved extremely popular, with crowds forming to hear what insights various exhibitors had to offer. So if you have something worth saying, say it. Do your research - find out what delegates want to hear, designate the task to your best public speaker, create a schedule and spread the word.

Unsurprisingly Google and Microsoft pulled a strong crowd, but as did some of the smaller players such as the Nearpod shell scheme – which shows size doesn’t always matter! It’s what you have to say that counts…

3. Show your competitive side

Competitions are a great way to have fun with delegates and capture data. There were many taking place throughout the exhibition hall – from guessing the weight of the school bag to a robotic grand prix. By adding pre-qualification to your data capture you can also help qualify leads as they are generated. This makes your follow up process much more productive. Our survey app for Tintri does just that – take a look here.  

4. Simple works

From colour coding different areas, to not being afraid of white space and clean lines, less can be more. This sleek stand from John Lewis shows how white lines and a nifty display of school chairs can really make an impact. The colour coding from a number of stands including Microsoft and Google, made it quick and easy for delegates to navigate larger stands.

It’s not about going over the top – it’s what you do with the space you have – clean design and using the space to create an inviting stand with a clear view of what you do. So if you don’t have the biggest, more expensive stand, don’t panic!

5. Show off your product

Whether it’s a physical product like the Bett dancing robots and interactive whiteboards, or an online solution, show delegates what you can do. Allowing delegates to get hands on with your product makes their experience more memorable. If your product isn’t a physical ‘thing’, add some touch screen displays or video content to your stand.   

Google, HPE and Subtech are just a few of the brands who did this well.

So there’s my quick take on Bett 2018 exhibitors. There were definitely less freebies than the usual exhibition, but it’s a show where the products steal the show and sell themselves. For events such as Data Centre World and Infosec it’ll be interesting to see what tricks exhibitors have up their sleeves to engage delegates with their virtual products. I expect to see a lot of VR experiences, interactive touch screens and a few more gimmicks...

Want to find out more about what works for events? Check out our case studies.

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