Communication void?

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In an age where phone conversation, writing letters and dare I say it… reading books, is an archaic past time, similar to perhaps ink and quill, carrier pigeon and telegram (Instagram’s long lost relative) of bygone times, there is a growing cyber-less void of people (myself included) that simply cannot keep up with the incessant #techtrends.

Although todays apps are intended to compliment a less stressful lifestyle, I find myself, a supposed youthful tech connoisseur, getting increasingly dazed and confused with the daily notifications of upgrades, updates and uplifts that scorn me for not striving for punctual self-betterment and immediate self-promotion.

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So what happens to the multitude of folks who are indifferent to social media and are not attached to various mobile devices – do they by their lack of participation, silently wave a white flag in technological defeat? Moreover, what challenges does this pose for corporate Marketers and Communicators who focus more and more on a technologically inclined audience? This straight forward question has inherently created an ever widening age targeted marketing bias. Simply put: the digitally indifferent audience is becoming a market segment that is at best under addressed, and at worst overlooked, because they refuse to exist in the frenzied upgrade app universe and have a real desire to read hard copy and talk to other people.

In the past 8 years, with the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, the technology maelstrom has taken off at warp speed, and with this evolution Creative Communications agencies have increasingly focused their attention on a technologically accessible and astute audience, in turn subtly disconnecting a potential customer base that is less digitally savvy or inclined but that do have big buying power.

So how do we at Miramar put the “Community” back into Communications? How do we stay attuned to the growing technological upgrades while addressing the ENTIRE market population, and not just a market that can snap, text, insta, chat, tweet, bing, bam and boom. Here at Miramar we recognise that communications evolve and that the digital age has quickly taken a very dominant role, however we have always been advocates of traditional marketing tools too. According to DMR 39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of Direct Mail marketing. Not only that, at Miramar we see more and more demand for small events or niche trade shows. CT Business Travel revealed Face to Face communications still matter, with 87% of professionals believing that face to face meetings are essential for sealing business deals and 95% of professionals believing that meeting in person is the key to successful business relationships.

One dimensional marketing campaigns, like one dimensional conversations tend to lose interest quickly, Miramar respect and endorse the conventional along with the cutting edge, all have a value and a voice, long may that continue.

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