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Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2015

When it comes to email marketing there is no ‘one size fits all’. There are so many statistics on the web, often offering conflicting advice  on how to make your email marketing more effective, but  what it really comes down to you and your audience, and the best way to assess performance would be though analysing your email results.

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The following information could help you build a better success rate through your emails and leave you relying a little less on guesswork:


  • Effective design:
    Your email design should support the message of your email - not detract from it. Great design and structure allows the readers to engage with your content quickly and intuitively. Clear call to action’s are a important way of doing this.


  • Subject line:
    Keep it short and sweet - Click through rates improve on emails with 28-39 characters. Subject lines framed as questions perform even better; consider your audiences needs/interests, and see which subject lines resonate.
    Without a killer subject line, your email may not be opened...let alone read.


  • Content:
    Your reader’s time is precious; and your allocation of their time should be valued. 
    There’s usually a 101 things you’d like to say, but it’s often just as important to take a step back and think of your end goal. Your email should be considered an exchange of valuable information, for your reader valued time, so don’t use words for the sake of it.


  • Click through rate:
    The best time to send emails is when receivers will be reviewing their inboxes. Maximum open & click rates occur at the following times: 8am till 9am & 3.00pm till 4pm. Most messages land in inboxes in the morning, so there’s a possibly that those sent in the afternoon have more chance of being noticed.

Remember, you have a 3 second window to catch the attention of your audience... Make it count. 


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