Get creative with 3D DMs!

Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The rise of 3D Direct Marketing is obvious, just check your post in the morning!

3D DM’s can attract new customers and leads, keep your existing customers engaged and get them to purchase more often. They can even help you revive customers that have slipped through the net over time.

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Why 3D DMs?

3D DMs stand out amongst the usual bland pieces that land on our door steps daily, to create an experience for the prospective customer that they haven’t seen before, hopefully arousing curiosity and giving the result of more sales and engagement. Think about it, are you more likely to read an entire page of text in a letter… or an exciting 3D DM that grabs your attention with an innovative creative design?


Example advertising campaign from 2016

World Water Day

This is a great example of a creative 3D DM campaign which was sent out to various companies and newspapers. Although it is a flat piece of paper, the extra dimension is added through process. The message is ‘Without water, knowledge can’t flow’ and was used to mark World Water Day. You can only read the message if you put the DM under a tap, proving water is the source of all knowledge. Not only is the DM extremely creative and thought-provoking, it makes the customer act to reveal the message and there is nothing as powerful as action when it comes to marketing.

BMW Cold Weather Tyres

Like the World Water Day DM, this piece asks the consumer to interact with the DM.
They have to pull down the strip of paper, which shows how the BMW wheels will cut through the winter weather. The importance of customer interaction is huge with creative 3D DM’s, as this triggers engagement through the want of the reveal.

Example campaigns from Miramar in 2016

At Miramar we know how important customer engagement is to promote sales and attract new customers. Which is why we have created some of our own 3D direct mail campaigns.


For Lithium we designed a video card to send out to all of their target contacts to increase lead generation. This followed the theme of the Lithium ‘Journey’. We created an animation presenting the customer journey and how Lithium can help them  get to their end goal quicker. The shelf life of a video card is much longer than any simple DM and video massively outperforms traditional print media by increasing the reach of marketing campaigns which in turn can boost your response rates. The wow factor of a video card encourages the recipient to show other people what they have received, promoting a larger audience for the client.



Tintri send out annual direct mails to their partners to raise awareness of what new offers they may have and to assist their sales process. Miramar had the challenge of coming up with a new type of starter kit with the promise of it being high quality, unique and different to what they have previously sent out. Our solution was a desk size starter kit which would contain high-end office products, with a twist. One panel of the box was a chalkboard, so the consumer could write their own notes whilst at work. The items included inside were premium, for example power banks, presentation clockers and gloss printed battle cards. The starter kits received a great response and gave Tintri the customer engagement they had been looking for.



Kavanagh wanted to increase their lead generation, and needed a new approach, so we worked with them closely to create a high impact, multi touch campaign which consisted of a remote control mini without the remote. Meaning that they could only have fun with the car if they organised a face-to-face meeting with sales. Having an end goal provides a huge incentive for any prospective customer.

If you’re looking for a fun and different way to engage with your customers, we can help you plan and deliver your campaign so get in touch today.

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