Four ways design can improve the ROI from your email campaigns

Adam Boddy
Adam Boddy

205 billion emails get opened every day. Yours need to stand out to get noticed.

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Emails achieve some of the highest ROI of any marketing channel, with most being sent with the goal of driving conversions. They could be used for an announcement campaign for the launch of your latest product, a newsletter summarising your most recent content, or an invitation to an upcoming event.

Whatever the purpose, there are a number of key design elements Miramar use to ensure you achieve those all-important conversions!

Structure is key

People with busy working lives don’t have the time to carefully read every email they receive. It’s important that emails are short, snappy, and guide the reader towards a clear call-to-action (CTA). For body content, the ‘inverted pyramid’ model (see diagram to the left) is a good rule to follow as it ensures information is broken down into easily consumable sections.

With structure also comes optimisation. We ensure emails are designed for both desktop and mobile to reach all audience types. For desktop in particular, the main message needs to be ‘above the fold’. This means that approximately 350px from the top of the email can be seen without scrolling – and catches the viewer’s eye.

One key thing we always keep in mind when improving email designs is this: less is more! The email shouldn’t be overloaded with content, and its purpose should always be clear. 


According to research, campaigns which are personalised can achieve up to a 760% increase in revenue compared to email marketing alone. Crazy, right? That’s why instead of sending one campaign to everyone on your database, we’ll aim to create multiple versions of the email for different lists of subscribers.

People tend to respond more positively when their name is used in an email, so that’s always worth doing when reaching out to existing customers.

Make that CTA shine

With the CTA being one of the most valuable email design elements, it’s important to make it stand out from the crowd. Here are a few design tricks we find useful:

  • Centering the CTA button
  • Drawing the eyeline towards the CTA using objects like arrows or characters
  • Making the button bold by using a contrasting colour
  • Embracing the negative space around the CTA

Our design team work closely with Miramar copywriters to make sure the email copy complements the design. The messaging should work in tandem with the above design elements to entice the reader into following the call to action.

Make sure your brand is clear

It’s much easier for your audience to identify with your content if it’s consistent with your brand style. Open and click-through rates will be much higher due to the existing trust between customers and your brand. When designing, we use our branding expertise to make your emails look professional and stand out from other more basic emails.

As we’ve seen, there are a number of ways we can improve the ROI you’re seeing from your email campaigns. Check out how we increased open rates by 53% and e-learning take-up by 1300% for one client. 

Our digital marketing experts craft targeted campaigns with A/B tested subject lines, layouts, and CTAs that are sure to engage.


Get in touch and find out how Miramar could give your email marketing a boost. 

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