Introducing our new Digital Project Manager

Posted on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Victoria Bale

Tom's just joined our growing Digital Project Management team - meet him below in our quick Q&A.

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Why did you decide to join Miramar?

One of the first things that drew me to Miramar was the diversity in their digital expertise. Having worked in digital development, I was looking to move to an agency that not only had digital projects but also really excelled at delivering them. After looking through all the previous work they had completed, I could see Miramar had the digital expertise.

The interview with Craig (MD) ticked the final few boxes. His passion for the company was obvious and the vision for digital, where Miramar was going and the real focus on having a great culture in the office resonated strongly with my goals and approach to work so I was eagerly waiting to see if they felt the same about me. Spoiler Alert – I think they did.

What’s your background?

I actually began my career in account management working on many international accounts for some of the leading automotive manufacturers. I started to realise the elements I really excelled at, and the ones I frequently assisted colleagues with, were all creating and managing digital projects so decided to specialise in digital.

My first step was into User Experience (UX) where, through research and conferences, I developed a strong understanding of the importance of good UX in delivering a successful digital project. Working closely with developers and project managers, I designed and guided the development of a variety of digital offerings including websites, B2B extranet systems, emails and digital articles.

After years of UX development, I moved fully into project management. Working with a diverse range of clients, the range of projects spanned creating simple Wordpress sites all the way through to the designing and creating of new custom extranets and rewards portals with thousands of international users.

What’s makes a good digital project?

For me, there are a lot of similarities between a good project and a good digital project. The two main features I would pick out are Focus and Comprehensiveness.

Focus – this may seem obvious but knowing why you are doing the project. When people specialise in certain areas, it can be easy to just do what you normally do. Being able to step back and ask "what am I hoping to achieve?" and "what audience am I targeting?" can sometimes completely change the direction and will lead to a much more successful project by ensuring solutions are tailored for the targeted audience with a clear path to achieving the goals of the project.

Comprehensiveness – sometimes the variety that digital offers can be overlooked. A good digital project will combine many digital offerings to create a comprehensive network that can guide a user towards the end goal of the project.

What three words would you use to describe your first few weeks at Miramar?

Friendly – offices can be challenging place but the atmosphere here is so positive and everyone has been so welcoming that it’s made it so easy to settle in – thank you!!

Exciting – there are some great projects in the pipeline and seeing the passion amongst the whole team, it’s really exciting to see how far we can push digital.

Hot – my first two weeks seems to have coincided with the heat wave. The average temperature since I started has been 28ºC but thankfully, the office has got air conditioning!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Two of my biggest passions outside of work are nature and photography – a combination that goes so well together! When I’m not working, I love to grab the camera and go exploring whether that be a UK nature reserve or jet setting to jungles and savannahs.

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