Miramar Pulse – February 2020

Posted on Monday, March 2, 2020

Catherine Steven

This month, we’ve enjoyed reading about brands that are breaking the mould.

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Welcome to the February 2020 issue of Miramar Pulse!

Great marketing pushes boundaries. It is disruptive, unexpected and imaginative. Here are some of our favourite advertisements that have been well-placed to make noise.

What we've been reading

Brave or an ad industry in-joke?

Brave or an ad industry in-joke?

Burger King has caused a stir with a global campaign that showcases its prized Whopper burger decaying over a 34-day period. This rotten ad has been designed to highlight the chain's decision to remove artificial preservatives from its flagship burger.

Burger King is proudly advertising a mouldy, disgusting Whopper.

Very FCKing clever, indeed.

Very FCKing clever, indeed.

Remember when KFC’s "#ChickenCrisis" became international news? Their response, in the form of an apology ad rearranging the letters of its name to spell out "FCK" on a chicken bucket, was a stroke of genius which transformed marketing mayhem into a brand breakthrough.

It rewrote the manual for corporate crisis management.

The latest trend in design: 'Invisible' branding.

The latest trend in design: 'Invisible' branding.

The magic of a Coke campaign from Publicis Italy comes from an optical illusion at its heart. Through the curve of the Coke logo, the perfect bottle-neck width with a 'Feel it' tagline, it does indeed feel like a bottle is there even though there is no picture.

Can you see the bottle in this Coke ad?

Donate your words.

Donate your words.

Cadbury famously removed the words from its Dairy Milk bar for the first time in September. This was in support of Age UK to combat loneliness among the older generation. The campaign encouraged people to recognise and speak to older people in their communities.

Cadbury donated 30p to Age UK for every limited-edition bar sold.

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