Introducing our new Motion and Video Designer: Naomi

Catherine Steven
Catherine Steven

We welcome Naomi to the team! Get to know her below and read her thoughts on motion and video hot topics and trends. 

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I grew up with a photography film camera in my hand and always loved to develop the film reel once full - I took that camera everywhere with me! As I progressed through my academic education I experimented with more digital formats and found my love for film and everything visual.  

Nine years’ experience within videography and video editing led me to Miramar, where I wanted to challenge myself further within 3D, motion graphics, CGI, and more. The atmosphere of the company is great, and everyone has been very welcoming. My favourite thing about Miramar so far is the team spirit, and I really like the variety of work and the clients they work with.

B2B marketers are now fully aware of the value of rich media, meaning video content is seen across the board. This makes it more important than ever to keep ahead of new trends in motion and video.

Pushing the boundaries in 3D

This is something I’m keen to do at Miramar. We’ve already done some really interesting projects in this area – such as using 3D pop-ups to bring one of our client’s tech presentations to life. 

I’d like to develop my skills further in plugins such as realflow, xparticles, FDturbulence in conjunction with C4D to create dynamic graphics/animations for our clients. Cinema 4D R20 has introduced new features such as node-based materials and volume modelling – which is exciting as it will give users more flexibility within their workflows.

Within 3D, people seem to be experimenting a lot more with realistic textures/materials in their scenes combined with anti-gravity elements. I have seen a lot of renders where abstract geometry has been created and then materials such as wood, metal, plastic have been applied to give a realistic look within an ethereal environment.

One particular trend which I absolutely love, and I think creates a real impact on viewers is the mix of 3D/2D motion graphic with real life video that compliments the 3D/2D action. When this is done correctly, the resulting video can look stunning.

A great example of 3D programmes working together

3D programmes and plugins used in conjunction with each other can create something amazing – such as Ed Sheeran’s music video ‘Cross me.’ Riff Raff Films and the MPC used a variety of programmes such as Houdini, Maya, Unreal, ZBrush and Cinema 4D to create a jaw dropping dynamic music video.  

A mix of motion capture data along with sculpted figures of Ed Sheeran and Chance the Rapper was used. We then see dynamic particles/ objects interacting with them and the main dancer in the scene which creates an absolutely fabulous effect.

I believe in the future we will see programmes developing in a way which will allow much more seamless integrations with other programmes in the workflow pipeline.

Shifting motion graphic trends

The motion graphic world is constantly changing, and I am always hungry to learn more and keep up with current trends and best practice workflows.

Short form motion graphics has become a really interesting trend. This could be to do with the fact that a viewer’s attention span is pretty short unless they are captivated from start to finish. Short looping gifs can work very well online to convey a message. This can also be seen a lot with character animated scenes in 3D.

In 2019 there has also been a strong use of vivid and contrasting colours within motion graphics and photography. Fluorescent colours seem to be popular along with large type fonts within typography and animated graphics.

Within fashion we always see the re-appearance of past clothing styles from the 70s/80s/90s and that can be the same with motion graphics. Retro graphics similar to that which we would see in old fashioned films or arcade game consoles can often now be seen within artist’s work. This can be very striking against the usual minimalist or monochrome type of graphics we usually see.

With the rise of AR/VR we will most likely see the overlap of these designs within these type of technologies in the future.

Ready to see results from stunning motion and video?

Rich media is one of the most powerful tools available when it comes to influencing B2B decision makers. Whether you need a short corporate video or want to get ahead of the pack by experimenting with 3D, virtual reality, 360 or drone imagery – Miramar have got you covered. Get in touch and we’ll help to captivate your audience with dazzling video.

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