New Senior Creative: Chris Clark

Debra Ringer
Debra Ringer

Chris has joined as Senior Creative to expand our studio expertise and to provide fresh creative thinking. Get to know him in our quick Q&A below. 

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Why did you decide to join Miramar?

I was looking for a change and Miramar had everything I was looking for in an agency. A fun, forward thinking creative B2B agency with room for me to expand my role and play an important part in the growth.

What’s your background?

I have over 13 years’ experience working in the B2B Technology sector, working with some of the biggest brands to deliver creative and highly effective marketing. Aside from art direction, I have also played an active role in motivating and mentoring creative teams.

What are you looking to achieve at Miramar?

My ambition is to work with the creative director to deliver award winning creative, raise the already high standard and help grow the strong client list.

What's your favourite thing about Miramar so far? 

Aside from the people, everyone has been really welcoming, it’s got to be the free squash. 

Finally, tell us something about yourself that your new colleagues don't know yet? 

They may not know it yet but they’ll soon be bored of the subject as I may have a tendency to talk about it a little too much. With my brother and a friend, I built a kit car from the ground up taking just over 4 years to getting it on the road. It’s one of my greatest achievements and my favourite hobby.

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