Social Media – The Easy Way In?

Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2019

George Peachey
George Peachey

With nearly 3 billion people on social media worldwide, it’s clearly a platform that can generate a massive amount of awareness and generate plentiful leads. But is it as easy as some people think?

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By using social media you can target specific audience demographics, workplaces, personal interests and associations, plus serve up a variety of advert types to keep users engaged. With these rewards in mind, you may be forgiven for thinking that extracting the gold from the social [media] mine is as simple as turning up and starting the digger. Alas, as with mining, in order to be successful, careful planning is needed to get the best conversions and value from your investment.

But surely social media marketing is about posting a few adverts/posts and then watching the leads and customers come rolling in?

Social media marketing is not always that simple, primarily due to the size of the social platforms and the different ways people explore the channels. Each platform has their own unique styles, advertising options, and audiences, so in order to make sure you’re targeting the right audience, you need to have a strategy in place. A good strategy will make sure your budget is spent placing the adverts on the right platform and tailoring them to the correct audience. To go back to the mining analogy, why dig in your back garden for the occasional Roman coin when the gold ore is in a different field?

So how should a successful campaign be run?

There are many different ways of running a successful campaign, but the key is knowing what you are hoping to achieve. If your end goal is to generate awareness, then your success criteria would be based more on advert impressions. In this case, you should set up your campaign and budget to focus on maximising those impressions. Alternatively, if your campaign is focussed on generating leads, your success metrics will be click-through rates and form completion. Here, you may choose to change the campaign settings to be a little more specific with your targeting and focus in on pay-per-click rather than per impression.

In addition to knowing your goals, it’s also key to understand your audience and crucially the size of your audience as this can govern the approach you take with the campaign:

B2C Awareness Example:

Running a B2C awareness campaign means targeting a large audience who would be spending their own money. To maximise the impact of each impression, you may wish to choose a platform such as Facebook. Twitter, or Instagram, spaces where your audience will be in a non-work mindset when browsing.

Highly targeted B2B Example:

If you know that you are looking to target very specific types of people, (for example, CEOs for companies in the tech industry) you may wish to take a completely different approach. Rather than going down an inspirational, image-heavy route published to a general audience, you may choose to pick a more business focussed platform such as LinkedIn and up the spend per advert with fewer, more targeted adverts through InMail marketing.

One last point is that the beauty of social media is that it is a personal platform. People choose to be on their preferred social media platforms, and are more inclined to be influenced by emotional and “human” messages rather than cold, corporate messaging. The tone of the communication should be tailored to both the human beings who constitute your target audience as well as the specific platform to ensure the messaging has influence. It's always important to remember, even with B2B selling, you’re still selling to people, not machines.

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