Your face or mine?

Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Debra Ringer
Debra Ringer

With virtual meeting tools so readily available, and time generally not so much, why are face-to-face meetings still so important to us?


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We have clients across the country: from Southampton to Cardiff, Bracknell to Nottingham, London to Oxford, and many places in between. Having an office based in South Oxfordshire makes it pretty easy to travel to see our clients: we’re on the border of Reading, 30 minutes into Oxford and an hour into London Paddington by train. And we’d love to open offices in London and in the Midlands in the near future, making face-to-face even easier.

We’re clearly super keen to see your faces and here’s are our top reasons why:

1. Drives creativity

It’s much easier to hide behind a phone on a conference call. But being in the same room as others encourages participation. You’re far less likely to get distracted by other things, meaning you’re more engaged in what’s going on. And if you’re brainstorming for a new concept, or planning a new campaign, you’re much likely to be more creative.

2. Builds relationships

At Miramar we say ‘our clients are at the heart of everything we do’. And they are. But it’s much easier when we know you personally: face-to-face time is crucial for understanding what makes people tick, building trust and long lasting relationships.

3. Shows emotion

Often, as hard as you may try to hide your dislike or uncertainty for something, your body language or facial gestures give the game away. And to deliver a campaign that is tailored to you – we need to know! Openness and honesty is always the best policy: it allows us to be more efficient too in our delivery.

4. Avoids confusion

It’s easy to misread an email – we all do it - particularly the tone. Racking your brains as to why a client is mad at you is enough to ruin your morning, and often (we hope!) far from the truth. Face-to-face gives you more than just written words, avoiding that on-set panic that you’re in someone’s bad books. It’s also much easier to clarify meaning in person. 

5. Increases focus

During a conference call when participants go on mute you do sometimes wonder if they’re sat at their desks chatting away about last nights’ EastEnders. In a face-to-face there’s no escaping the meeting – you’re trapped! Which means like it or lump it, you should be more focused. But of course, our meetings are all engaging anyway, so you can’t help but be involved : )

We see our clients as much as they let us - it’s all part of our client-driven approach. For more insight into how we work, take a look at our case studies here.

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