Hi Pete,
Here are your next steps to creating a campaign that brings you long-term advantage:

Define your target account criteria
What defines a good account for you? What type of organisation, revenue, size, and location would you ideally want to close? What job titles do key decision makers within those organisations hold? What business challenges will they have that your product or solution addresses?
Setting campaign goals
What do you want your ABM campaign to achieve? Set KPIs and benchmark account and revenue targets to keep campaigns focused.
• Create a list of target accounts, based on good-fit criteria.
• Identify target ABM prospects within each account.
Review/create your assets
Before you can begin a campaign you need to have the right technology in place. From a CRM to marketing automation software, a CMS, ABM Content Promotion tools and more, these need to be integrated and understood by both marketing and sales teams for your campaign to be tracked, monitored and reported on.
Develop relevant content
Make sure content and the site copy is personalised specially with key account challenges. You may have whole pieces of content, landing pages etc that are dedicated to solving one accounts unique issue. Make sure content is segmented and targeted to your specific audience via the right channels, at the right time.
Follow appropriate sales outreach
Make sure your sales team are focussed on connecting and developing valuable relationships with key accounts; helping to solve their business challenges and move them through the sales cycle by engaging with the right content on the right channels.
Align sales and marketing
Both sales and marketing must have a clear idea of ABM goals, target accounts, and activities required in order for campaigns to progress. Hold regular meetings with both departments, and share reporting insights with both sides to stay aligned and set responsibilities.
Review and report regularly
ABM can only be an effective, personalised marketing strategy and bring clear ROI if progress is monitored. Regularly review site visits, engagement, revenue, and effectiveness and sales cycle length to ensure your strategy is working.

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