Engage your salesforce remotely with incentives that inspire

The Miramar Catalyst engages and incentivises your salesforce – wherever they are. Boost your sales with our remote incentives program that can be up and running in as little as two weeks.

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Catalyst Incentive portal

How do Catalyst incentives work?

Pound symbol with painted gray background

Incentivise teams

to sell a specific product or package of products

Rising chart symbol with painted gray background

Increase engagement

with sales teams minus the need to be on site

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Engage your audience

with fun games and real prizes

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Prove success

using our bespoke dashboards and reports

The Catalyst Program is built using a number of off-the-shelf modules. This means your install will be fully branded for you and sit on a domain of your choice. If you require any alterations to the modules, our in-house developers can create a system tailored to your needs.

Two ways to register on a computer screen

A program set-up that suits you

Choose between two simple registration options

1. Pre-registration:

You provide the list of contacts and we load them into the system. We’ll make it easy by providing a template to populate.

2. Public registration:

We’ll provide a registration form allowing users to register for the program themselves.

Set up a secure login area

Our secure login area is the gateway to the program – and is designed with ease of use in mind. You can choose from:

  • A simple username and password setup
  • A stripped back version that validates via email address
  • Or you can remove it altogether

You’ll also get the option to choose how long a user remains logged in for – ensuring that the program stays front of mind.

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System reporting

All actions within the Catalyst system are tracked to give you full visibility. We can provide in-depth reporting to show:

login icon

Total logins

controller icon

Total incentives played

£ pound icon

Total prizes won

You can then drill down into each of these metrics for a detailed view. If your needs change, our data and analytics team are always on hand to create further dashboards as required.

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Engaging games & enticing prizes

The Catalyst offers you a bank of games linked to any incentive you choose. Your sales team win digital tokens that are used to play games within the Catalyst system – with the chance to win real prizes.

Users earn tokens in one of two ways by submitting a sale through the system or by being awarded a token by an admin. The prizes you offer can be set so they are selected at random or pre-selected based onthe token used to play.

Great prizes are the key to incentivising. All of the games will have multiple tempting prizes that a user could win.

The prizes can be whatever you choose – or Miramar can suggest prizes that we’ve had tried and tested success with in the recent past. Miramar can also source and send prizes out on your behalf, if youwould prefer.

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See your Catalyst results fast

An intuitive dashboard will present you with an overview of all your current incentives. The dashboard view is fully responsive so will display smoothly across all devices and browsers.

As standard, you can have 4 incentives running at any one time for any user. And if one incentive takes priority, we can highlight it in the dashboard view.

Catalyst Incentive portal

System emails

Catalyst will send out a number of system emails to keep your sales team engaged. You can add further emails during system setup if required, but as standard we include:

  • Registration emails
  • Forgotten password emails
  • Prize won emails
  • New incentive emails

You’ll also get the option to choose how long a user remains logged in for – ensuring that the program stays front of mind.

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Ready to Catalyse your salesforce?

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