Hiscox Sales Enablement Tool

Design and build of an interactive how-to-sell guide 


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The challenge

  • Hiscox needed a new sales enablement solution
  • Their current tool was a printed guide which was difficult to update and lacked engagement 
  • The new tool needed to explain the world of marketing and media clients - the ins and outs of what they do and the potential exposures they face
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The solution

  • We needed the guide to be informative yet engaging and enjoyable to read
  • We created an interactive site that felt like a journey – a story – that explained this lucrative area of the insurance market
  • Our talented copywriters found the humour and crafted copy to explain in witty, tongue in cheek style what each type of media agency did
  • We designed iconography to represent each client and bring the copy to life
  • An option was added to download and save the information to review offline 
  • An offline version of the site was created that offered a brochure that could not only be saved as a PDF but lent itself to a print option
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The result

  • A fully responsive and optimised for mobile site was created 
  • Hiscox could track usage and gamify their users to promote engagement
  • Content can be readily updated
  • Users spend an average of 17 minutes at a time using the site - a great engagement level
  • During an average visit users access 6.3 pages

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