Hitachi Brand Transition

In July 2017 Hitachi High Technologies Analytical Science (HHA) became a standalone business within the Hitachi family. HHA came to us for support with a rapid and high volume transition: they needed a new visual identity to be created and rolled out across a huge set of existing collateral. And they needed it fast!

Over 750 (and counting!) assets have been re-branded, across 4 product groups.

The solution

We set to work straight away with a series of workshops and meetings alongside corporate guidelines from HHA HQ to define the new look.

From this insight our creative team put together a selection of concepts that were refined to form the new identity. 

With the concept created, we then started rolling it out across over 750 (and counting) assets!

We rebranded all marketing and sales materials across their 4 product groups – a huge task that involved a tightly managed quality control process and a rigid project plan.

Meanwhile our digital team started the ground work for a new HHA website. We ran digital workshops to define the new site and sitemap, before design, build and launch.

The result

The new identity continues to be rolled out across the hundreds of assets, putting a HHA stamp on all marketing and sales collateral.

The website launched in October 2017 with an improved user experience journey and easy to navigate product selector. The site aids decision-making with its clear navigation across 4 different product groups.

A new extranet was also built and launched which allows HHTAS’ distributors to easily access and download rebranded assets.