Hewlett Packard Enterprise Brand Launch

HP, a major client of Miramar, were undergoing a huge business separation whereby they would formally separate into two publicly traded Fortune 500 companies: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and HP Inc.  As we know well, a new company needs a new brand. Miramar were tasked with assisting HPE in communicating to their large database of existing partners everything they needed to know in order to correctly demonstrate their partner status to their customers, and how to acknowledge Hewlett Packard Enterprise in co-branded activities in line with new brand guidelines.

Active accounts: 748 – Total file downloads: 3,928
Total users completed: 271 (36%)

The solution

Miramar designed and built an online interactive guide which would take the partners through a step by step journey towards being brand aware and ready by November 1.  The site provided a self-assessment tool, where the partners worked their way through defined tasks in preparation for the launch. Viewing and downloading videos and guidelines on their journey to become experts on the new HPE brand. Users were able to track their own progress throughout the journey and were provided with a progress tracker so they could keep on track and be prepared for when the changes took place.

The online journey also provided quick access to a resource library of all the new brand assets that partners required, in real time, as and when they became available. Partners were sent regular updates via the HPE Partner NewsFlash service to prompt them to check in the library for updated assets.

The result

An additional element was added to this project in phase 2 to allow Internal Management at HP to have visibility of the site data. This data must be live, and in an easy to digest format.

We created a dashboard view for all of the required users to show the important data from the site. Showing user engagement breakdowns by partners and regions allowed HP to target specific partners and regions that were not completing their required tasks.

- Active accounts: 748

- Total file downloads: 3,928

- Total users completed all tasks: 271 (36%)