Milton Park Christmas Incentive Game

Milton Park wanted to do something a little different for their Christmas 2017 engagement campaign. It needed to be fun and connect tenants from across the Park.

The game drove over 5,400 engagements

The solution

Our first step was to come up with something different to previous years when they delivered presents throughout the Park for their tenants to share. So instead of something physical we decided to go digital.

We designed and built a festive themed branded game to be hosted on their website. It would be launched via their regular newsletter, and to get things competitive we would award a prize to the top player of each day in December.

The result

Milton Park loved the game! It brought over 3,400 visits to the page and the game was played nearly 5,500 times in the month of December! It's addictive and competitive nature appealed - with over 543 players taking part.

The game spread a Merry Christmas message, and connected tenants with the park owners - enhancing the community bond Milton Park look to achieve.