Automotive Mobile Test Solution Awareness Campaign

Panasonic ProServices had developed and designed an end of line vehicle production testing device. The device ensures long term durability and delivers efficient and cost-effective results. They came to us with the opportunity to promote this product to the manufacturing industry: we needed to devise a campaign that would raise awareness and get their audience talking!

Campaign Members: 4,074. Open Rate: 20%

Average Dwell Time: 6:23

The solution

To get directly in front of the audience we decided a branded direct mail piece would be great for the warmer tier 1 leads. The branded DM would focus on the time the product saves and included: a product info card, tea and a chocolate bar. The messaging was 'making time for life's little pleasures': the recipient could enjoy the tea and chocolate knowing that the product made their lives easier.
The DM was supported by an email campaign that took the recipient to a campaign hub. As well as product info, the hub hosted a light-hearted video with a nostalgic tone to show how innovation has helped us save time.
The lower tier leads would receive the email and be directed to the campaign hub.

The result

The campaign created some fantastic engagement with a 20% open rate on the email and a solid dwell time of over 6 minutes on the hub. The campaign did a great job of creating awareness about AMTS, it was then over to the sales team to follow up!