‘What’s in the Box?’ – Softcat and HPE Merchandise

Softcat approached us with the challenge of re-creating Channel 4’s ‘Deal or No Deal’ boxes to tie in with an incentive campaign they were running internally. The boxes had to be Softcat / HPE branded and be durable enough to be re-useable. In order to re-use the boxes, we also needed to have the ability to swap around the numbers inside, so that the game wouldn’t be fixed for any pre-opened boxes or future editions.

A fun and exciting way to engage the sales team over and over again

The solution

We created 13 bespoke boxes that matched the dimensions and features of the original ‘Deal or No Deal’ boxes. We covered the boxes in purple paper to represent the Softcat brand and then used large transparent vinyl stickers across each side, incorporating both company logos, whilst at the same time boosting durability.

To keep the boxes as realistic as possible, we wanted to replicate the tag seals that keep the boxes closed. Due to the re-use factor, these were Velcro, rather than the real sealed tape. The numbers inside the boxes were created from domed stickers, backed with Velcro; making them both 3D and re-useable.

The result

Softcat loved the boxes! The group of winning Account Managers found the idea novel and engaging. The added bonus that they won the monetary amount inside means that this is an incentive that Softcat are already running again. The durability and Velcro functions of the box mean that we have provided a product that they can use over and over again.