Tintri Delegate and Partner App

A bespoke app for data capture and partner recruitment  


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The challenge

  • Tintri needed a solution to help them collect leads at trade shows and exhibitions
  • They were tired of the usual badge scanners - they wanted qualified leads with information about who they’d spoken to and why
  • The new solution needed to integrate with their CRM system for a quick and easy follow up

The solution

  • To capture data and qualify the leads we needed to gain insight into delegates
  • We designed and built a multiple choice survey web application
  • The app works across desktop and tablets
  • Delegates would complete a short number of questions before entering their contact details
  • The questions could be edited by the Tintri team to tailor them to the audience
  • The app could run online or offline so dodgy event hall WiFi wouldn’t be an issue

The result

  • The app provides a seamless at-event data capture experience for delegates
  • Qualified leads feed directly into Tintri’s CRM system closing any gaps in lead capture
  • Due to popularity of the app we extended it into a partner recruitment campaign
  • The campaign targets prospective Tintri partners via email 
  • Each prospect is incentivised with an Amazon voucher to complete the survey
  • Again, qualified leads are feed directly to Tintri for follow up

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