Tintri Survey App

Tintri needed a solution to help them collect leads at 3rd Party events and wanted to combine this with a mechanism for distributing a simple questionnaire to recipients. Data captured in the survey would provide information on participants’ storage and data requirements. This is then fed back into Tintri’s CRM system to be used as sales enablement information.

Emails Sent: 26,840 – Emails Opened: 2,890 (10.7%)
Email Links Clicked: 414 – Offline surveys completed: 3

The solution

Miramar designed and built a multiple choice survey web application that could be hosted online and sent to defined recipients via a 6 month email campaign. This was further developed into an offline application that could also be used at trade shows and events to collect lead data. Miramar also built in a unique password system which would generate a code per entry to avoid non-designated people entering the survey and its stored data.

In order to encourage participation in the survey and to gain further leads the survey was incentivised, with e-vouchers available upon completion of the survey. An automated response was sent to all individuals that completed the survey to notify them that their voucher code was on its way, creating a great buzz. The offline application was loaded onto iPad’s making it easily transportable to any location.

The result

Emails Sent: 26,840
Emails Opened: 2,890 (10.7%)
Email Links Clicked: 414 (14.3% of opens)
Offline surveys completed: 3