Venafi Machine Identity Protection

Venafi came to us with a list of hot pan-EMEA senior targets. These key contacts would know the name Venafi but not necessarily the proposition and what Venafi could do for them. We needed something to capture their attention and start the education process to get them intrigued and wanting to know more. 

20% of contacts booked a meeting

£3million pipeline generated

The solution

With such a targeted set of data, a direct mail piece stood out as a perfect tactic. For a busy senior audience we needed something sleek and smart that would get past the gate keeper: branded Venafi presentation boxes were designed and produced to house our mailing. Inside the bespoke boxes we designed, sourced and placed three pieces:

  1. A looping flyer that simplified the Venafi solution, its benefits and why it’s needed
  2. The remote to an Amazon Fire Stick (the Fire Stick itself to be redeemed upon a face to face meeting)
  3. A postcard explaining the Fire Stick incentive and linking to a campaign site

Our responsive campaign site furthered the journey for the recipient, adding details about Venafi, their solution and providing a form to complete for meeting bookings.

The result

Venafi loved the campaign! It’s generated a £3million pipeline so they are busy working on a roll out in the US! And with 20% of contacts booking a meeting within the first few weeks, it continues to be a hit with their audience. The mail piece has given their sales team a different approach to their calls and is a huge help with expanding their market share.