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Let’s talk analytics

Your business is probably one of the millions that rely on Google Analytics data to drive the success of its websites and apps. It’s vital for everything:

Vital forJourney Mapping
Vital forSEO & PPC
Vital forConversions
Vital forMarketing Strategies

But now a big change is coming

Watch Miramar’s digital campaign manager, Andrew Marshall, explain what’s happening to your analytics and why you need to act ASAP.

Google Analytics

Universal Analytics is being replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Each day you delay making the switch, you’ll have less time to build up data in GA4. And that means missing out on actionable insights you can use for your future growth.

But don’t panic!

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Get ahead with Google Analytics 4

The sooner you implement GA4, the lower your risk of losing valuable data. We’re here to get you set up for success now with our expert migration, support, and training services.

With us, you can rest assured you’ll reap the rewards of the next generation of analytics.

We can help you with:

  • Implementing GA4 so your business gets the most advanced tracking and reporting possible
  • Preserving your historic data and migrating to the new platform
  • Building your teams’ expertise on the new GA4 interface so you can get to grips and get ahead fast
  • Keeping your site or app optimised well into the future with ongoing analytics support


  • Basic GA4 property setup
  • Universal Analytics data export

Includes all elements from Bronze package, plus:

  • Form submission tracking
  • Email clicks
  • Phone number clicks
  • Scrolling set up and tracking
  • Conversions and goal tracking
  • Initial training session

Includes all elements from Silver package, plus:

  • All button clicks tracking
  • Data Studio report from Universal Analytics
  • 1:1 training session
  • GA4 report creation. Includes the following reports:
    • Page views
    • Landing pages
    • Traffic aquisition channels

Includes all elements from Gold package, plus:

  • Any additional tagging, tracking or reporting based on custom request or as recommended by Miramar

Ready to start your journey to GA4?

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