Does your competitive advantage disappear with Universal Insights?

Business Data:
or invisible?

Look beyond Google Universal. From July 1, 2023, data will only flow into Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Prepare for next-generation data analytics, today, and the insights behind foresight.

Marvellous … Journey Mapping
Superior … SEO and PPC
Conquer … Conversions
Support …. Marketing Strategies

Google it? Our digital specialist, Andrew, explains why – with expert help – the move from Universal to GA4 is more opportunity than a challenge.

Google Analytics

Oh no! Google Universal is disappearing! What does this mean [for my business]?

Two things.

Firstly, reams of rich, insight-laden, unique personal information will soon disappear – and with it data that differentiates in a digitally-driven marketplace. Doing nothing is not an option. Embracing change is better.

Secondly, Google Analytics 4 is less a replacement, and more an upgrade. Optimising your GA4 experience and you add new levels of insight to your strategies.

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GA4: Business just got personal

Moving to GA4 lowers your risk of losing valuable data while you set up for future success with expert migration, support, and training services. Prepare for the next generation of analytics today.

Package Deal: An extraordinary technology. Out of the ordinary support.

  • Preserving: Your historic data is imbued with insight. Why lose it?
  • Migrating: Time for a change. Move on from Universal. Get on GA4.
  • Implementing: Hook up to advanced tracking and reporting.
  • Advancing: Move ahead. Get your teams on the GA4 interface.
  • Maintaining: Stay analytically optimised with KPI-based support.

What we offer

  • Training: a guide, video, or in person.
  • Set up: three levels get you up and running.
  • Support: maximise your future experience.

Want insights? Get Four site. Book the GA4 Support Package that meets your needs

  • Basic GA4 property setup
  • Universal Analytics data export

Includes all elements from Bronze package, plus:

  • Form submission tracking
  • Email clicks
  • Phone number clicks
  • Scrolling set up and tracking
  • Conversions and goal tracking
  • Initial training session

Includes all elements from Silver package, plus:

  • All button clicks tracking
  • Data Studio report from Universal Analytics
  • 1:1 training session
  • GA4 report creation. Includes the following reports:
    • Page views
    • Landing pages
    • Traffic aquisition channels

Includes all elements from Gold package, plus:

  • Any additional tagging, tracking or reporting based on custom request or as recommended by Miramar

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