Omnichannel marketing: a recipe for success?

Written by Craig Bowers

We like cake. We assume you do, too.

Even if you’ve never made one, you probably know you can’t bake a cake just by throwing an assortment of items from your cupboard in a bowl. You don’t have to be Mary Berry to know you need to mix the right ingredients with the right tools and bake it at the right temperature for the right length of time.

What does this have to do with omnichannel marketing?

Well, omnichannel marketing refers to how you nurture sales across all (omni) your channels. This includes your website, social media, email, in person events, etc.

For these efforts to succeed, you need the right marketing materials, right channels, and a clear recipe for executing your plan.

Just like baking a cake. Sort of.

Why should I care about omnichannel?

Over 80% of the b2b marketing cycle is now taking place remotely

Long gone are the days when cold calling was king for B2B sales. Over 80% of the B2B marketing cycle is now taking place remotely.

While this trend is partly a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we don’t expect anything to change (and 9 out of 10 B2B decision makers agree with us).

But we’re okay with it. We love the power of digital marketing. There are so many channels you can use to reach your ideal prospect, and so many ways to interact with them. Get it right and you’ll reap the revenue rewards.

Sweet, sweet ROI

Great omnichannel marketing isn’t just essential for keeping up with your competition. It can also be the secret ingredient to achieving huge ROI.

The proof is in the pudding. Businesses that get omnichannel marketing right:

That’s enough to make your mouth water.  But of course, things are never that straightforward. Without a clear strategy, you risk reaching no-one at all.

The omni-challenges of omnichannel

Pop quiz: How do you achieve (and surpass) the results your marketing efforts enjoyed pre-pandemic?

Two words: customer experience.

Balancing the priorities of multiple decision makers across multiple channels is tough. It’s no wonder most B2B customers find their purchasing experience to be “very complex or difficult”.

For a great purchasing experience, the challenge is to create a personalised journey across multiple channels for multiple decision makers. If your prospects don’t feel like the journey is built around them, they’ll go looking elsewhere.

Because there’s always another option online.

For a great purchasing experience, the challenge is to create a personalised journey across multiple decision makers

The recipe for success

For a strategy that delivers the best possible results, you’ve got to find a way of creating a seamless customer journey – no matter how the prospect enters the funnel.

There are three ingredients to achieve this:

  • A consistent brand across every single one of your channels
  • Memorable content that resonates with your customers and creates long-lasting relationships
  • A clear marketing strategy

If your current omnichannel marketing was a cake, how would it taste? Is it still missing something?

We agree wholeheartedly with one of Mary Berry’s top 10 baking tips: never be afraid of embracing any tools that will make your life easier.

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