Updated 25/04/2022

Sustainability Policy

Our commitment and approach to sustainable issues is demonstrated in the following policy statement.

We acknowledge our role in protecting the environment and our policy is to develop and implement environmental strategies within the Environmental Management System that provides the systematic structure and methodology for achieving this policy.

The policy is to develop and implement sustainable strategies within the Environmental Management System.

  • Our site and / or area and / or product / service specific
  • Promote the reduction of any adverse impact on the environment arising from the direct and indirect activities of the business
  • Meet, and where practicable exceed, all relevant statutory requirements
  • Seek to continually improve our environmental performance
  • Ensure that all members of staff are kept fully aware of environmental matters that have an impact on our business.

We will measure that current level of performance through an environmental impact audit and set clear, realistic and specific targets of improvement each year. The targets will be set by the Directors and the system will have an appropriate strategy which satisfies all the required objectives, has clear responsibilities and is effectively resourced. Performance will then be measured and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System.

Overall responsibility for sustainability performance rests with the Director who is charged with the legal role.

Our employees are responsible for their role of supporting the environmental stance of the Company within the constraints and positioning of our business.