AI in Marketing:
Dazed and confused?

Written by Ashleigh Couch

In today’s competitive landscape, if you’re not looking to leverage AI in some way, you’re likely missing out on efficiencies and opportunities to gain a competitive edge. But there’s no need to panic or get lost in the maze of articles and blogs from overnight experts telling you to change absolutely everything about your business.

We’re in the early stages of what promises to be a very long journey. But even the longest of odysseys begins with a single step. So, let’s see what small changes we can identify to get out of the starting blocks.

There are lots of tools and practices that you can set up and apply to your day-to-day work flow that will set you on the path to Jonny Nash levels of clarity. It could be anything from automating repetitive tasks, analysing customer behaviour, or getting data-driven insights that lead to better decision-making.

It’s an iterative process, and one that takes a fair bit of trial and error to fine-tune. But the key is finding where to start and getting those first steps behind you. To give you some thought starters, here are some of the ways we’re using AI to get even further out of the ordinary here at Miramar.

How we are using AI.

AI is already touching a wide range of our toolkit as an agency. Primarily, we’re focusing on things that are aimed at maximising results by efficiently targeting and personalising content through data-driven insights. But here are some key areas where we see AI making its mark both here at Miramar, and with our clients:

  1. Strategy: Using research and insight tools for market trends, competitive analysis, and customer preferences, helps us formulate more effective knowledge-based strategies.
  2. Advertising: AI-powered algorithms help us optimise ad placement and therefore spend, improving conversion rates and enhancing customer targeting. This means more efficient use of resources and a higher return on investment (ROI).
  3. Email marketing: Optimising email campaigns by analysing recipient behaviour, suggesting personalised content, and predicting the best send times for maximum engagement.
  4. Social listening: Analysing social media conversations and trends with AI provides marketers with valuable insights into audience sentiment and behaviour.
  5. Content personalisation: AI can help us personalise content delivery based on user preferences and past interactions, increasing engagement and conversion rates.
  6. AI-powered chatbots: Chatbots powered by AI can improve customer service by providing instant responses and assistance 24/7, enhancing user experience and potentially increasing conversion rates.

How can you get started?

  1. Chat to your agency partner (or even better – us!): Start the conversation with your agency partner or our team. They should be well-versed in the latest AI tools available and can offer tailored insights into how AI can enhance your objectives.
  2. Dive into experimentation: Launch pilot projects and A/B tests as part of your ongoing or always-on campaigns. These experiments are crucial for identifying the most effective optimisations that align with your specific goals.
  3. Initiate data transformation: The foundation of AI lies in quality data. Prepare and structure your data and in a way that is easily interpretable by AI models, using clear labels and categories. There are several data preparation and blending tools available which allow users to clean, prepare and structure data for AI and analytic use. This goes a long way to getting the right answers with precise predictions and personalisation.
  4. Hone your brand identity: You invest a lot of time and money building the best content experiences for your customers. But if those experiences are inconsistent, misleading, or off-brand, they lose their value. Brand identity AI tools can grasp the distinctive elements of your brand’s voice and style, equipping you to efficiently generate content that not only connects with your audience but also maintains a consistent brand identity.

Why should you care?

  • 58% of marketers whose companies use generative AI tools said increased performance is the top benefit.
  • 48% are seeing a better customer experience.
  • Executives expect customer engagement and satisfaction to improve by 9% within three years based on the use of generative AI. *

These stats paint a very exciting picture! AI is opening doors that were previously closed due to complicated processes and lengthy reports. It’s giving brands the power to truly grasp what customers want, by creating personalised content that hits the mark.

But here’s the ‘but…’

AI should not be seen as the silver bullet, or a ‘fire and forget’ tactic. It’s only as effective as the information and prompts you provide. There’s still a lot of human input required to make sure that what AI churns out isn’t just near the mark – but bang in the middle of the target.
Or as we like to say here at Miramar, turning ‘meh’ into ‘amazing.’

So where does that leave us?

In summary, AI represents a profound transformation. It’s providing marketers with the resources and intelligence required to craft campaigns that are both more effective and tailored, driven by data.

By helping brands to better understand and communicate with their customers, marketers can use AI to send more of the right messages to the right audiences at the right time.

To help you on your way, keep a look out for our AI tool of the week series that will showcase some of the tools we’re using to help our client partners get the most out of their campaigns and budget.


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