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The Challenge

Bytes, the cloud migration specialists, needed a clear game plan. Their goal? Not just to raise awareness about their AWS Cloud solutions, but to transform that awareness into tangible lead gen opportunities for businesses facing migration challenges.

But the playing field of cloud migration is a congested scrum of competitors. If Bytes were going to break through the pack and race clear away to the try-line, it was going to need to get out of the ordinary with its marketing.

Our challenge was to create a campaign that could:

Capture attention and cut through a noisy landscape

Engage partners and encourage referrals

Strategically manoeuvre upselling opportunities

…and all without dropping the ball on authenticity.

The Solution

We crafted a Demand Gen Community Building Campaign with a unique challenge – engaging with a notoriously hard to reach audience. Our aim was to ride the wave of excitement surrounding the Rugby World Cup 2023 while making meaningful connections with IT decision-makers from the existing Bytes database and their extensive business network.

To crank up the excitement and get partners in on the action, we cooked up an online match prediction game. It was a real winner, offering players the chance to snag a whole bunch of awesome prizes throughout the tournament.


And to keep that fire burning, we ran an 8-week email campaign that kept everyone hooked on the game and shone a spotlight on Bytes’ AWS Cloud solutions. It was all about helping Bytes and their partners score big while giving the competition a real run for their money!

The results

New customer contact referrals
Active customer contacts
Email click through rate


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