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AWS Partner Campaign


The Challenge

Despite having all the street cred and industry know-how that comes with being an AWS Cloud Partner, transACT wanted to generate more leads to drive their ambitious growth. In the cutthroat world of cloud migration, their brand was kinda like a hidden gem – not many folks knew who they were. The transACT brief was to supercharge their sales pipeline and revenue flow and make their marketing mighty!

We love a good challenge this was a juicy one for us. We knew we would have to ramp up their brand awareness among businesses struggling with cloud issues before we could re-energise their sales pipeline.

The Solution

We rolled up our sleeves and took transACT on a journey out of the ordinary. Over three dynamic months, we ran a carefully planned ABM campaign that not only put them on the radar of targeted IT decision-makers within selected accounts across the UK & Ireland but also opened the door to lead generation and sales opportunities.

Our secret recipe? A fresh concept, a focused target account list and a treasure trove of educational content. We kicked things off with six weeks of brand awareness that included both paid and organic promotions on Google Display and LinkedIn, which sent transACT’s industry recognition through the roof.

But it didn’t stop there. We leveraged the credibility of content loaded with valuable insights into the migration process and the wonders of life in the cloud. Then, we entered the lead generation phase of personalised email nurturing and telemarketing, turning that newfound awareness into tangible action all geared toward generating leads and seizing sales opportunities, ensuring that the sales pipeline flowed smoother than ever.

The results

Leads Generated
Sales Opportunities
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