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Creo Medical

The challenge

Clinical technologies company Creo Medical has been on a journey of acquisition and evolution since its founding over 20 years ago. Having expanded its product and service offering to become a leader in the emerging field of therapeutic endoscopy, endotherapy accessories, urology systems and hygiene products, Creo needed to unify all aspects of its business and present a consistent brand and user experience to its audience.

Our task was to redesign the Creo website and user journeys, creating a new platform that combined simple, localised experiences for global customers, with the design flexibility to scale in line with the future growth of its eCommerce business.

The solution

A web development service like no other. We began by carrying out a detailed and thorough discovery workshop with key stakeholders to understand each individual’s current problems and goals. Armed with a full diagnosis of the audience and personas, we then created a slick and UX-considered data-driven design to match the medical professional audience.

On page technical SEO ensured that the site was fast and user friendly from the outset, while self-service content blocks with drag and drop functionality gave Creo’s teams full flexibility in terms of site management, as well as the ability to review content before publication to ensure brand consistency.

Integrating an AI-powered translation tool within the CMS enabled the creation of dynamic content to be automatically display based on each user’s IP address/location and any local regulatory requirements. This saved Creo both time and resource by removing the need for manual translations, while HubSpot integration for forms and lead capture further boosted efficiency.


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