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Lead generation campaign

Panasonic Business

The challenge

  • ProAV launched their L.I.V.E. video series which helps their audience combat key challenges in their industry, including managing the move to remote production, enhancing production values, and the adoption of VR and AR technologies.
  • Panasonic came to us for an engaging campaign (on a limited budget) which would generate leads with their L.I.V.E. series. We suggested optimising the L.I.V.E. series landing page to increase conversion rates and video engagement.
  • We were challenged to achieve 21 MQLs.

The Solution

  • To make the most of the budget, we leveraged the existing L.I.V.E. videos and product sheets so we could focus on enhancing the user journey. To do this, we developed a whole new landing page for the series with a fresh creative look and feel.
  • We used heatmapping on the page to examine audience behaviour and make continuous optimisations based on our observations.
  • We also designed an email for ProAV’s opt-in database to show how the L.I.V.E. series will aid the prospect in combatting the issues they face in their industry and drive traffic to the landing page. We first sent this email out after the social campaign to capitalise on awareness and later rebroadcast the email to encourage conversions.
  • We optimised this page by introducing a carousel-style block to let users click through the series without needing to scroll. We also added a drop-down button to access to fact sheets so we could position the lead form higher up the page to drive conversions.
  • We ran a LinkedIn campaign using snippets from the L.I.V.E. series to tease the full videos and drive the viewer to the landing page. We A/B-tested post options and discovered shorter introductions and videos rather than images performed better. By tweaking our approach to push the effective posts, we were able to drive a higher click-through rate.
  • By adding a widget to the product pages on the Panasonic website, we targeted users and encouraged them to watch the L.I.V.E. series to find out more about the products they were interested in.

The results

MQLs (over 4x higher than target)
email click through rate (over 4.5x higher than industry average)
landing page conversion rate (from 6160 landing page views)
converted opportunities
“The main objective of the L.I.V.E. Series Campaign was to generate leads for our sales team. The target was well and truly exceeded, in fact the result was over 400% against target. The campaign ran during a difficult period for Live Events, and so was greatly appreciated by our sales team. Thank you team Miramar!”

Rebecca May, European Demand Generation Manager, Panasonic Business


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