Our work

Serving up prime pipeline with ABM


The challenge

  • Generating pipeline for Venafi from a list of hot pan-EMEA senior targets.
  • Moving these targets beyond mere name recognition of Venafi to a deeper understanding of their proposition and offering.
  • Getting past the gatekeepers with a sleek, bespoke asset the busy senior audience would notice.
  • Ensuring the asset started educating the targets after capturing their attention, driving them through the funnel and closer to conversion.

The Solution

  • Taking an ABM approach and making the most of the highly targeted dataset with a personalised direct mail piece.
  • Designing and producing branded Venafi presentation boxes to house the personalised asset.
  • Driving prospects through the pipeline with the responsive site, which set up a seamless journey guiding users to a form to book their meeting.
  • Placing three uniquely designed and sourced pieces inside each bespoke box:
    • a looping flyer that simplified the Venafi solution, its benefits and its value to the targets
    • the remote to an Amazon Fire Stick (which would be redeemed upon a face-to-face meeting)
    • a postcard explaining the Fire Stick incentive and linking to a campaign site we had created

The results

pipeline generated
Over 20%
of contacts booked a meeting
“How do our ABM campaigns grow your business? We cut through the noise to focus on the key prospects that can have a real impact on your bottom line. We'll help you address their specific pain points, build a relationship, and show them why working with you is the obvious choice.”



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