Are you video vogue?

Consumer brands have long understood the significance of using video content as a marketing tool to build brand affinity and deliver messages to their audiences and over the last 18 months there has undoubtedly been an upward trend in its popularity and effectiveness within the B2B sphere as well. Here at Miramar we have certainly noticed the interest in video content increase in 2014 with us having the opportunity to create some fantastic videos for clients over the last 12 months.

It’s not surprising really now the world of video sees 140 videos being viewed for every person on the planet and over 28% of all Google searches are for YouTube! It isn’t just beauty blogs and gaming walk throughs that are proving successful though, branded video content reaches nearly half of all UK internet users with 54% of those people going on to click through to the brand’s website. This just reinforces the strength of video content for a marketer and on average they will deliver a 41% higher click through rate than a text counterpart.

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Video content marketing is something that definitely cannot be ignored with 72% of business decision makers using video to research products and 46% of them then going on to purchase a product. Why wouldn’t they, when 93% of all communication is non-verbal and 83% of our learning is done visually? Based on this, it just makes sense that video would be the most effective way to communicate to any audience whether they be B2C or B2B.

There are a few important things to remember when creating video content

  • Identify your audience and create something they will actually want to watch – so many companies produce great video content which will never be watched as it simply isn’t relevant to their audience or offering.
  • Tell a story – make sure your video has a narrative, with a beginning, middle and end.
  • Let your client relationships do the talking - through testimonials and case studies.
  • Show your work & products,  focus on the value you can deliver - 58% of B2B buyers think B2B vendors focus their content too much on product specifications and not enough on value and how they can solve business specific problems.
  • Most importantly keep the conversation going – your video needs to form part of a multi touchpoint campaign, with follow up emails or targeted advertising in the form of re-targeting post their view of the video.

Following these should mean that you make the most out of the video content you produce and you really will see the results.

The most compelling stat we have found throughout our research on video promotion is that it is over 6 times more effective than print and online! So, the question is, why aren’t you all deploying your marketing budgets into video? There is obviously nervousness around the initial investment cost, video content is more expensive to produce than a print ad, that is fact. However, if the click through rates are to be 41% higher does that not make the upfront investment worthwhile?

The key for marketers to understand however is that it is a combination of the three (video, print & online) built as a multi-touchpoint campaign that will really see them delivering results which does not mean that all budgets need to be deployed in video moving forward, simply that it needs to become a consideration. 

We are hoping throughout 2015 we can continue to drive the increase in video content as we love producing videos at Miramar, not just because it allows us to be more creative but because they actually work for clients and there is nothing better than a campaign that delivers for a client. I think we are fairly safe in assuming the growth will continue as Cisco recently predicted that global online video traffic will make up 55% of all consumer internet traffic in 2016.

If you still aren’t convinced, check out our show reel on the homepage and see how compelling it is… you know you will want to work with us after seeing what we can do!

Happy viewing everyone! 

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