Are big event Expos worth the time and expense…?

Debra Ringer
Debra Ringer

As DTX/IP Expo has been and gone for another year, this is a good time to consider if attending such events is advisable.

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Failure to impress

Expos seem to become a bit more underwhelming every year – a bit more stand–restrictive, a bit more uniform and a bit more expensive – especially if you strive to stand out at a glance.

The age-old conundrum is: we should be there to be seen – but are we really seen and are the leads generated worth the cost? In other words, could that budget be better used elsewhere to drive more succinct brand awareness and generate more worthwhile and targeted leads?

Is it really the right audience?

Are the folks that attend big events there just to look and browse on a day out from the office, or are they really there to engage?

Now maybe the leads generated at Expos are decent, especially for the bigger players and high spend corporates. But how about the vast majority where every budget £ is fought for? Attending an Expo can take up a large percentage of an annual budget, and in doing so prevents other projects happening. You may end up feeling a bit let down and exhausted. Then, as the next year rolls around, the fear of not being seen rears its anxious head and the whole cycle starts again. Groundhog Day comes to mind!

Moving with the times

At Miramar we have certainly seen a shift in recent years – many of our clients have decided to save the cash and spend it on other projects that qualify better leads and are more personalised. This could be a more focused event with relevant speakers and content, could be a targeted demand gen campaign to cut through the noise to key contacts, could be a suite of content for a key audience to use across campaigns or that first foray into a targeted social or paid search campaign to reach prospects hiding in the that white space - or in some cases all of the above for the same budget!

Marketing is a means to get noticed

The right Expos with the right delegates are a great way to get that all important face time and demonstrate how good your proposition is, we love supporting our clients and driving great results from events. However, if you are not convinced on the eve of 2020 that being at a huge annual show is a good way to be heard, maybe it's time to consider the best methods of getting noticed.  

Everything we do revolves around you - get in touch to discuss the best way to reach your prospects. 

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