How fresh is your brand?

Debra Ringer
Debra Ringer

A strong brand has the power to retain and acquire customers, connect employees and stand out against your competitors. However, like many companies out there, you won’t be alone in having an outdated logo, inconsistent style and confused (or non-existant) brand guides...

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It’s commonplace that over the years as employees come and go, your brand changes a little here and there and becomes a mix-match of styles, preferences and muddled ideas that gives an inconsistent and unappealing message to your audience. Your brand is the first thing your audience see, it’s the face to your business, getting it right is crucial.


Yet for some the idea of a brand refresh can be unnecessarily daunting. There’s the irrational fear that your clients will no longer recognise you, or your emotional attachment to the logo you helped create when you first joined the company years ago means you just can’t imagine life without it. But in actual fact a brand refresh keeps a company current, shows growth and confidence.

By creating excitement around a brand refresh, you bring about a great opportunity to reconnect with past and existing clients to generate new business and create new energy. Communication is key: let employees, customers and prospects know that a new look and feel is coming. Build anticipation. Get people excited. And they’ll feel part of the process and your transition. 

Get people excited about your new brand

But let’s take a step back - once you’ve identified that your brand is a little tired where do you begin?

We’d recommend starting with a review and thinking as objectively as possible – which is where our branding workshops prove super successful. We bring together your key stakeholders for a brand audit and brainstorm. Preparing by reviewing how consistent your style and voice is across your website and other collateral, and what your competitors look like. It’s a two-way process where we’ll discover whether your visions and values, USPs and story align to your brand, and what you want people to think when they see your brand.

The outcome may be a full rebrand, but a brand refresh doesn’t always mean creating a new logo and re-doing everything. From updating your image library to tweaking the company colours and font weights, there are many ways you can keep your brand feeling fresh.

The benefits of adopting the little but often approach can be seen by the most successful companies, with a history of logo development through a series of tweaks. As shown nicely in this example of Google’s logo*: slight tweaks over the years have allowed their logo to stay fully recognisable, never tiring or dating, and consistently fresh.  

Google logo over the years
We live in an ever-visual world

Without staying fresh a brand risks falling behind: behind competition and behind customer expectations. We live in an ever-visual world, where looks often do matter.

And without getting too geeky, it’s scientifically true: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. And visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.

So what your brand looks like says a lot (and rather quickly) about your product, employees and company vision. Your other assets – whether employees or products – undergo development and optimising, and your brand should be no different.  

And this is where we can help. We have a great number of examples of successful brand creation and development offering continued support, not only as brand guardians but also with well-timed updates that continue to keep the brand relevant. 

If you’re left wondering if your company could benefit from a little update, get in touch to see what Miramar can do for you.



*Google logo image courtesy of:

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