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Debra Ringer
Debra Ringer

Instagram has recently hit 1 billion monthly active users, and is still growing. Although this mobile social network has come to be associated with holiday snaps, Kardashians, and photos of food, the platforms visual nature and high user engagement rate makes it a valuable social media marketing tool, and not just for B2C.

Instagram is not always the first platform to come to mind for most B2B marketers, yet effective usage provides the opportunity for B2B brands to humanise their image, facilitating relationships with followers with you would otherwise be unable to on other platforms.

Here are some of our favourite tips for an engaging B2B Instagram strategy:

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Don’t be content with bad content

No follower wants to see generic stock photos with boring descriptions. Prospects will want to see authentic relevant content that provides an insight into how your company does business on a more personal level. This will be a key component in humanising your brand, giving you the opportunity to showcase your company culture in an informal and authentic way.

It’s important to remember that there is a human at the end of the posts you publish, and want to buy from people they like. Successful branded accounts are aware of this, utilising content that appeals to emotions, and avoiding an overly professional tone.

Zendesk, a customer service platform provider, are a great example of this. They share a mix of content that both promotes their service offering, but also includes and showcases the diversity and culture of their offices.



Create content that aligns with your brand

If you have a brand built on simplicity, let that reflect in your content, taking a more minimalistic approach to imagery and descriptions. If you are a quirky and unique brand, let that show in your posts. It can be easy to impulsively share content, but it’s important to ensure your content is consistent and aligns with your wider social media strategy and brand image.

An Instagram page that’s successful at this is MailChimp’s. Boasting almost 100k followers, their off-the-wall style of content makes them stand out from their competitors. They have utilised a range of art and abstract design all centered around their brand, company culture and their value proposition to create an exciting page to follow.

Mix up your content

You’ve likely been gathering testimonies from your customers and showcasing their case studies on your website. Sharing these stories on Instagram is a great opportunity to further promote their stories, especially when combined with strong visual imagery. Remember, you don’t just have to reply on photos. Infographics, videos and 3D rendered imagery also make for great content.

Infusionsoft, an email marketing and sales platform for small businesses, are a great example of the company that loves to share a wide range of content. Combining customer testimonial videos, motivation quotes, infographics, competitions, pets, art, and an exciting glimpse into their company culture, makes their page stand out from their competitors.

Generating and engaging with leads

As well as being an effective tool to help with your brand perception, Instagram can also build B2B relationships and generating leads. Although it may not be an instantaneous generation of leads, effective visual storytelling through sharing appealing content will ultimately facilitate leads through awareness. To best generate awareness, It’s always good practice to be continually monitoring your prospects interests, sharing content that will appeal to them, and utilising popular hashtags.

After building a strong following you can utilise Instagram’s direct message feature to reach out to prospects in a more direct way. The successes of receiving a response is often much higher than LinkedIn messages, or even emails or phone calls. This more unique method of reaching out to prospects can more likely have your message received by a more senior member of staff.

Instagram can be a powerful tool for B2B marketers if you want to achieve brand awareness, public perception and relationship building for both new and existing customers. Remember to always be checking what content works, and adapt accordingly.



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