Miramar Pulse – January 2020

Posted on Friday, January 31, 2020

Catherine Steven

Voice search is growing rapidly, and more businesses than ever are optimising for it.

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Welcome to the January 2020 issue of Miramar Pulse!

Voice search has started to pick up pace and just as predicted a few years ago, 50% of online searches will be voice-based in 2020. Beside using smart speakers like Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana or Google Home to answer users’ questions and play music, brands can leverage these devices to provide voice service for their clientele. Here are some of the articles we’ve enjoyed reading on this topic over the last month.   

What we've been reading

2020 is an exciting year for voice

2020 is an exciting year for voice

The long-promised exciting future of voice now seems closer than it has in previous years. Since the raft of voice applications were released, starting with Siri in 2011, voice has had time to mature. As users become more accustomed to searching and performing tasks with their voice, the opportunities behind voice are going to expand.

Why we can be optimistic about voice platforms in 2020

The year voice search is truly heard

The year voice search is truly heard

The rise in the adoption of voice assistants is largely connected to the way people's lives are changing. We all demand convenience and are adopting technology to fundamentally make our lives simpler. Think robot vacuum cleaners, slow cookers or doorbells with cameras. They all help us to simplify tasks and chores – and now the same can be said of voice assistants.

Invest in voice search today and win tomorrow

Not everyone is ready to jump on board

Not everyone is ready to jump on board

Marketing leaders are slowly getting involved with voice search, but not everyone believes 2020 will be the year the medium really takes hold. Marketing teams will want to continue with what’s been working for them best and may not have the resources to experiment with emerging technologies.

Is voice search important yet?

The impact of voice technology on SEO is certain

The impact of voice technology on SEO is certain

Voice search is changing the way people navigate their world, make purchases, and learn new information. Searches made by virtual assistant are more conversational in nature, so if brands want to stay visible, they need to change their SEO strategies accordingly.

Some recommended steps to adapt 

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