Miramar Pulse – November 2018

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2018

George Peachey
George Peachey

A round-up of some of the best B2B marketing articles our talented team have been reading this month.

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Welcome to the very first issue of Miramar Pulse!

Here at Miramar, we're always doing what we can to keep our 'fingers on the pulse' (see what we did there?) of the B2B marketing world. We're constantly scouring the web for great B2B campaigns, new trends, market reports, and emerging technologies to boost our learning and improve the service we offer to our clients.

Then it struck us – why hoard all this useful knowledge ourselves? Why not help our clients stay on top of industry developments as well? That way, something we stumble across might give rise to a really exciting and inspiring project!

So, without further ado, here's our round-up of great articles for November 2018.

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Articles we've loved this month

Dior Joy - The New Fragrance

Dior, Apple, Nike: The top 10 YouTube ads in September

OK, this might be more B2C than B2B, but who's to say the two should be mutually exclusive? This article from Marketing Week outlines the top 10 YouTube ads for September – maybe you'll find inspiration for your next B2B video!

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3 things you can learn from the world's best B2B brands

This article from B2B Marketing highlights the growing importance of 'brand' in the B2B marketplace. Some great tips to get you thinking about how being relevant and responsive can help strengthen your brand and cut through the noise.

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Want people to read your newsletters? Work on your subject line

Struggling to give your email newsletters the nudge they need to be opened and read by your customers? Smart Insights (one of our favourites) takes a quick dive into why people don't open branded emails.

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Virtual Reality Video Roundup: 11 VR Examples You Need to Watch

OK, now for the fun one! If you have a virtual reality headset, now's the time to fire it up and get stuck in to some immersive visual experiences. And if not, just enjoy the smörgåsbord of visual treats on offer and start cooking up some ideas of your own.

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