Take away from the supermarket wars

Posted on Saturday, October 10, 2015

...when consistent messaging makes a difference to the bottom-line.

We’ve heard much in the past year about Aldi and Lidl and how their expansion into more towns make them more noticeable, and accessible than ever before. The fact that it is only really in the past 12 months that the ‘Big Four’ other supermarkets began to take them seriously made us reflect a little as to why Lidl and Aldi have become such strong contenders that can no longer be ignored.

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Quite simply, they offer a range of products that people like, need and consider great value for money. Their marketing message on all levels simply and effectively focuses on price in comparison to their competitors like products. Because of this strategy of playing to their strengths, clearly, concisely and with minimal fanfare, their target audience gets it and responds accordingly, hence the fantastic growth. This approach was aided with more than a whiff of arrogance and complacency from the Big Four in terms of not taking the cut price competition too seriously, and now as Tesco haemorrhages money and Morrisons reel quarter after quarter, this shows quite clearly never to underestimate your competitors and to always have a clear, strong and consistent marketing message that is easy to understand quickly, and appeals to your target consumers emotional desires.

Hindsight reveals time and time again that tastes and buying patterns constantly evolve and change, competition is clever, but strong, consistent messaging year after year will always stand you in good stead with consumers, look at Persil, look at Birdseye, and Andrex, all old brands that have huge loyalty based quite simply on great products and consistent messaging. This is something we admire and feel strongly about at Miramar. What are you trying to say, to whom, who else might be saying it and what is the desired result?

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