Milton Park CGI

Bringing to life a future building with a multi-component video

Combining CGI, drone and 360 footage

The challenge

  • Milton Park were expanding the park and wanted to promote a new workspace to prospective tenants
  • The building was in the process of being built so the campaign needed to visualise something that didn’t yet exist!
  • The campaign needed to showcase the varied space available and engage prospects
  • Supporting collateral would be essential to help their estate agents sell the space
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The solution

  • We set to work brainstorming the best way to showcase the new plot
  • Aerial views of the park would help put the new space into context and show off the full site
  • Using a drone, we captured aerial footage with a fly-over the park
  • To bring the building to life, we reviewed the architect plans before creating a CGI of the space
  • The CGI would show the space equipped with office furniture and lab equipment – to visualise its future potential
  • Through 360 video, prospects would be able to interact with and explore the new flexible space
  • The video could be used on screens at events, in VR headsets and on tablets at the estate agents
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The result

  • The campaign brought to life the space to help prospects visualise the development
  • For something that didn’t yet exist, we delivered a visual and interactive campaign
  • A range of different assets supported the video including a dedicated landing page and brochures
  • The estate agents were well equipped to sell the space and quickly reserved the offices
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