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Promoting TOUGHBOOK University to Panasonic’s European channel partners


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The challenge

  • Panasonic wanted to make European channel partners aware of the revamped TOUGHBOOK University and encourage them to take online courses
  • The University is a valuable source of information – educating partners on TOUGHBOOK products, services and new releases via a series of webinars and e-learning courses
  • When a partner completes a set number of courses, they become a TOUGHBOOK Champion (which is a requirement for some of the tiers of the partner programme)
  • Panasonic needed our support in promoting TOUGHBOOK University to their European channel partners and ensuring they took advantage of this great resource

The solution

  • We ran a 3-month email and direct mail campaign to promote the relaunch of TOUGHBOOK University to the European channel partners
  • The direct mail contained a branded rucksack, water bottle, notebook, pen, and a “dummies guide” to completing the TOUGHBOOK University course
  • The direct mail also contained a voucher explaining a further incentive – the first 10 partners to complete 12 courses each month would be awarded with a €50 Amazon voucher
  • An email series kept the momentum going throughout the campaign, keeping TOUGHBOOK University and the sign-up incentive fresh in the partner’s minds

The result

  • The campaign was hugely successful, with a total of 1,548 e-learnings taken by partners during the campaign period. This was a +1300% increase from the previous months
  • Panasonic gained 71 new TOUGHBOOK champions through this campaign
  • The email series had a consistently high engagement, with an average open rate of 53%
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